How do you really feel about posing…

Do you ever see family photos of other families and think, “Those children look so adorable they are smiling so perfectly…I really don’t know if my family photos would go that well?”  Well lets just set the record straight, no children really want to pose for family photos, there’s those few little model types but they are rare.  My own children could be yelling at each other one moment, and a moment later “cheese”.  And that’s the reality of it, for every “awe” shot there’s an “OMG” shot.  But a lot of times those shots end up being so true to the child’s character that even they bring a smile to parents faces.  So next time you think your kids would never make it through a family shoot, or that everyone else’s children must behave better, cut yourself a break…kids will be kids and they are adorable in all their expressions 🙂 Most importantly, makes sure you pick a photographer who is quick enough to capture all the “awe” and “OMG” shots, then you’re in good hands.


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