Camille Currie Photography – Fall Family Shoots

Hello Victoria, I’m pleased to be offering Family Photo Shoots this fall in this beautiful city. I have extensive experience doing family shoots, if you’d like to see some of my work have a look over my website. I look forward to working with you.

If you’re looking for an alternative to school photos this year, consider a family shoot or portrait session (see website for more info on portrait sessions).

Family Photography Package $160 –

Includes a 45 minute – 1 hour on location session for 5 individuals, each additional individual is $25, a 30 day on-line gallery for image selection, and 10 digital images retouched and provided via online download. Additional images available for purchase.

Loving British Columbia

After some time spent establishing ourselves in our new home in Victoria BC it is with great pleasure that I am now returning to my photography work that I enjoy so much. If you know anyone looking for a photographer consider sending them my way. I have many years of experience in head shots, family shoots, sibling shoots, maternity shoots, and shoots just for fun. Take a look over my website or facebook page and give me call.

Head Shots…it’s always a good time to get them done.

Winter isn’t always ideal for outdoor family shoots, but there’s really never a bad time for head shots.  Do you know how many different uses there are for head shots?! Here’s 40 or so just to name a few…I especially like number 43 HAHA.

  1. Have it printed on your business cards
  2. Use it in your marketing materials
  3. Your professional networking profile image (linkedin, ecademy, xing, plaxo twitter etc)
  4. Always include with press releases
  5. Place it in your newsletter
  6. On a postcard with your USP
  7. Put it on your web site
  8. Use it on your email signature
  9. Use it on your CV
  10. In your company annual reports
  11. In the company directory
  12. Employee of the Month
  13. Announce Career Accomplishments
  14. On the side of your Car or Van
  15. Never run an Ad without it
  16. Display in Office Reception or waiting room
  17. In your Corporate Brochure
  18. Always accompany articles you write
  19. Send out prior to speaking engagements
  20. Ever see a politician campaign without a photo?
  21. Send copies out to local press
  22. As a leave-behind for prospective clients to remember you by
  23. Use it to build visual recognition and brand awareness
  24. Contacts will more likely remember you with a picture reminder
  25. Job applications
  26. To help represent you when you can’t be there in person
  27. A friendly visage shows you can’t be all bad to do business with
  28. Announce your Promotion
  29. Dating agency profile
  30. One for posterity
  31. Crimewatch!
  32. Have available before a reporter calls to do a profile on you
  33. Send copies out to the trade press
  34. Do you dance, perform, sing or play music? Use your photo
  35. Project it 40ft high on the side of your office building – it will get you noticed
  36. Visas
  37. Permits
  38. Licenses
  39. Mugs
  40. T shirts
  41. Keyfobs
  42. Mouse Mats etc.
  43. And finally you can always give one to your mum.

Winter Shoots

In the winter there are two things that challenge families looking to get photos done, the cold and the limited light.  While we can’t do anything about the temperature, limited light doesn’t mean we can’t still get some great shots.  Late afternoon shoots can still be really pretty, you’ll just get a different look from full day light.img_9186-edit-copyimg_9196-edit


How do you really feel about posing…

Do you ever see family photos of other families and think, “Those children look so adorable they are smiling so perfectly…I really don’t know if my family photos would go that well?”  Well lets just set the record straight, no children really want to pose for family photos, there’s those few little model types but they are rare.  My own children could be yelling at each other one moment, and a moment later “cheese”.  And that’s the reality of it, for every “awe” shot there’s an “OMG” shot.  But a lot of times those shots end up being so true to the child’s character that even they bring a smile to parents faces.  So next time you think your kids would never make it through a family shoot, or that everyone else’s children must behave better, cut yourself a break…kids will be kids and they are adorable in all their expressions 🙂 Most importantly, makes sure you pick a photographer who is quick enough to capture all the “awe” and “OMG” shots, then you’re in good hands.